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Hun Born are a unique company, specialising in home-made furniture: giving you the support that you need to produce some fantastic products. We recognise the importance of having projects to do, and work with you to help you learn the skills to become as creative as you want to be. Our step by step guides provide you with a set of easy instructions, helping you to create the furniture of your dreams whilst following some simple instructions. What we admire more than anything, however, is individuality and some of the steps we provide are left purposefully blank or ambiguous, so that you can put your own unique stamp on your project. Furthermore, we would love to see your finished furniture, so that we can display successful projects on our website.

Hun Born would like to point out that our instructions are a guide only, and that we are not experts in health and safety. As such, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or mistakes that occur. Our guides are purely an assistance, to help you make the best quality products to suit your purposes. If you have any reservations at all in your projects, we recommend that you contact a suitable health and safety point of contact and we are unable to offer you any assistance with safety.


Stationery or telephone stand

It can feel nice to have a product in your home that you have created yourself; every time you view it, you can think to yourself, “I did that!” Note: Our home-made telephone stands can be purchased from as little as £10 each, or you can obtain a guide to making one, from us today. 

— Jouse Manuel www.hunborn.com

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